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Lewd consultation


They are known around the world whole, the two medics! True professionals with whom we must make an appointment months in advance. So when patients arrive home, they give themselves completely to their care … And the bastards enjoy it! Today, a woman of about fifty years just to see them and starts small lingerie on the chair. Without hesitation, the two doctors begin by direct examination of the cat. They break appliances into her vulva, discard the well to see the bottom, then test their reactions, inserting an entire fist in it! The old bitch has full confidence in their technical, medical, and lets the cat dilate as a debauched. Soon she found her mouth full by sucking the dick of one of the medics, while the other is still working to prepare her pussy. But it is almost time for the anus! We’ll have to start over and check the health of this little slice of bitch. Washing, touching, fingers galore … The little ass of the old still has work to do!

Date: May 23, 2020

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